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The age of jQuery animations


Tired of using jQuery.animate?

Well, you should be. As a general rule of thumb, if what you are trying to accomplish is a visual effect that has no functional meaning, then you should implement it in pure CSS. If you need to involve JavaScript, then it’s most probably poorly designed in the first place. At least, that’s the rule I try to follow myself. Continue reading

FREE: MultiBackground – powerful jQuery backgrounds plugin

Have you ever needed a fast and easy way to create powerful backgrounds for a web page, like a colorful gradient, html5/youtube/vimeo videos, parallax image or pattern, an iframe or google maps?

Ever wanted to create a stunning parallax effect on multiple layers in less than a minute?

And you want all of this for no more than 10$ one time payment?

Well, I can’t help you, because my plugin is free: http://multibackground.tonybogdanov.com :)